This Is How The New iPhone 4S Siri Commercial Featuring Samuel L. Jackson Should’ve Actually Been! [VIDEO]

We recently told you about the new iPhone 4S Siri commercial from Verizon that is being aired in the United States. It stars the famous actor Samuel L. Jackson and to me, that name reminds of the movie Pulp Fiction. Mr. Jackson played an unforgettable role in the movie, with lines that captured many. Of course, they mostly consisted of curse words and verses from the Bible, but wouldn’t it be cool if the Siri commercial had some of that too?

Funny Samuel L. Jackson iPhone 4S Siri Commercial Spoof

Here’s a new spoof that was pointed out by Gizmodo of the iPhone 4S Siri commercial featuring Samuel L. Jackson in his Pulp Fiction avatar. It’s not safe for work, but you can watch it anyway, it’ll make your boss laugh too. Watch the video after the break:

This is exactly what would happen if Samuel L. Jackson were given the freedom of speech in a Siri commercial. What do you think of this commercial? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Michael Schnier

    The famous Ezekiel 25:17 bit is from the movie Chiba The Bodyguard, not the bible. As a general rule of thumb: if it’s in a Tarantino film, it’s a reference to something.

  • Michael Allen

    You do realize it was from the Bible first, right? It really is a passage in the Bible, not just a cool movie quote. I don’t care how many movies it’s been in, it predates motion pictures by about 1600 years.

  • Ryan Kruger

    Let’s have a philosophical/religious debate on a tech forum!

  • Michael Schnier

    Nope. It’s a misquote from Chiba The Bodyguard. Only a tiny portion of the quote matches up to any of Ezekiel.

  • Michael Schnier

    Unless you’re going to start questioning the epistemology of looking up Pulp Fiction quotes on IMDB and comparing them to scripture, it’s hardly a philosophical debate.

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