The New “Amazing” iPhone (iPhone 5) Concept [IMAGES]

From the same studio that brought to life the iPhone SJ concept, comes a brand new concept – the new iPhone. ADR Studios really outdid themselves creating this concept, and I think it was designed how everyone wishes their iPhone could look like deep down. Even the functionality thought out for this new iPhone concept is stunning!

New iPhone Concept ADR Studios

The new iPhone features a SIM-less design that doesn’t actually use a SIM card whatsoever. Instead your data is grabbed directly from your mobile operator, also in 4G LTE. There is two speaker panels on the back of the new iPhone, which is made out of aluminum and all the controls are now on the top of your iPhone to make it extra thin.

New iPhone Concept ADR Studios

Did you like the Retina display in the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S? Well, say hello to the 3 Retina displays in the new iPhone! A top strip screen to show you all the network info, clocks, notifications etc. A bottom one for your app dock, multitasking bar  and home button, and lastly the central screen for displaying the main UI of the phone.

New iPhone Concept ADR Studios

One of last features that stands out in the new iPhone is an LED powered edge. You can use it to show the strength of battery life or to show you a preferred caller. There is even a dedicated LED app that will allow you to customize the color of the LED edge.

ADR Studio new iPhone concept

Among other things the new iPhone will include Siri, gyroscope on 4 axis, motion sensor and the other great features of the previous iPhone 4S. If all of these features made their way into the next generation iPhone expected to be revealed at the WWDC 2012 I am sure we would all take out our wallets in an instant. Unfortunately however, as this is a concept a lot of the features disused are a little “futuristic” for this years iPhone refresh.

For the rest of the images of the new iPhone concept click here. Don’t forget to let us know what do you think of the new iPhone concept by ADR Studios in the comments section.

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  • ProEdgeBiker

    I’d buy it!

  • scottpilgrim

    shut up and take my money!

  • Guest

    ugly like the lumia

  • burkybang

    Kinda resembles an Android, I don’t like it

  • Gicko

    looks very Xperia.
    Apple wont release something like that.

  • jared reabow

    to be quite honest , i don’t like the weird middle bit and the idea of 3 separate screens is stupid, just unnecessary design that may sound cool but is otherwise stupid, WHY  would u need 3 separate screens that all touch each other and have an ultra thin border instead of 1 humongous screen, not to mention, NO HOME BUTTON srsly, that is the iconic symbol of iphone, ipod , ipad , its NOT GOING TO CHANGE OR MOVE FOR FAK SAKE.

    but the rest is great, just remove the TOTALLY STUPID design flaws.

    oh and make it illegal to network lock a phone.

  • jared reabow

    to clarify weird middle bit : the bump on the back, as the led strip is awesome,  but even is apple did aim for this , there would be thirty models b4 they get there as each middle will have maybe 1 or 2 differences

  • BatesOut

    It looks fuck all like any Sony phone, I suppose the LED strip is the only single similarity that you based that statement on !!

  • Vf

    Id never ever buy this…

  • myIphone2

    i want it now

  • Luis3232


  • Guest

    it don’t make sense.

  • Alebondy

    Shit niggaz, put me down for 8 of them thangz

  • kaese2002

    makes no sense at all…whats happens to that home button, when you open an app fullscreen? and sorry…no time to configure that apple on the back? the view should be in a perspective angle matching the text below…next: 13 E-Mails on the top, no one at the mail-app?, Next:……..

  • Williampriv

    It looks good, but WAY too fragile, i could imagine myself breaking this within months or even weeks. 

  • BigMartin58

     Just what i was thinking! lol

  • Vânia Lúcia Valentim Ferraz

    Lindo!!!! Não vejo a hora de ser lançado.. Para eu compra o meu!!! Parabéns

  • manu

    Honestly, if it is not to launch the new iphone about this concept here … I will be forced to switch to samsung and buy the SIII or S4. I enjoyed this concept.