Supposed Sapphire iPhone 6 Front Cover May Not Be Made Of Pure Sapphire [VIDEO]

Last week, a video showing an alleged Sapphire 4.7-inch iPhone 6 front cover was making rounds on the internet. Until now, various reports have suggested that the iPhone 6 may feature a front cover made out of Sapphire to make it completely scratch proof and super strong. However, a new video shows that the leaked part may not be made of pure Sapphire, instead a mix of glass and Sapphire may have been used.


Once again, YouTuber Marques Brownlee, used two different type of sandpapers to scratch the iPhone 6 front cover. Sapphire is a very strong material, it is the second hardest naturally occurring mineral. According to the Mohs scale, a 1-10 rating for mineral hardness, Sapphire gets a score of 9, Gorilla Glass scores 6.8 and a standard knife would be around 5.5.


In his first video, the iPhone 6 front glass withstood all the attacks by the knife. But you see, a standard knife cannot scratch Gorilla Glass, so it is possible that the leaked iPhone 6 front cover is made from a newer Gorilla Glass, probably mixed with other materials to make it much more stronger. In the new video, Brownlee uses two different types of sandpapers rated above Gorilla Glass, but below pure Sapphire, to see how the iPhone 6 front cover holds up. Watch the full video below:

As seen in the video, the iPhone 5s with Gorilla Glass 3 was easily scratched with both the sandpapers, and pretty badly too. However, the pure Sapphire TouchID button withstood the scratch test, showing what actual Sapphire can do. The iPhone 6 front cover didn’t do well either, but it did take much lesser damage than the iPhone 5s front glass.

If the iPhone 6 front cover used in the video is legitimate, then it probably isn’t made out of pure Sapphire as recent rumors state. Also, the iPhone 6 cannot survive an attack by The Arrow!

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