Steve Wozniak Talks About The iPhone 4S [VIDEO]

Back in the beginning of October we shared with you a video of Steve Wozniak remembering Steve Jobs. In case you were not aware, Steve Wozniak is the co-founder of Apple and designer of the Apple I and II.

Wozniak was the first person in line outside the Apple store in Los Gatos, California to get the iPhone 4S, and while Wozniak was waiting in line TechCrunch managed to get an interview with him. In this interview one thing Steve Wozniak discusses is what feature present in the iPhone 4S is going to change his life.

Watch this interview with Steve Wozniak embedded below and let us know what you think of it in the comments section below…

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  • Frankie

    His PR skills way of thinking are exactly like Steve Jobs’. Apple should bring him aboard as the new CEO. Back to the foundations.