Siri, Who Taught You To Curse?

The next time you play with Siri in the Apple Store, try not to upset it.

A boy under the name of Charlie Le Quesne asked Siri, “How many people are there in the world?” I bet you will not be able to guess what Siri replied with. It replied, “Shut the f**k you ugly t***.” Charlie’s mom, Kim, said “I thought I must be hearing things.” So they asked the phone the same question again and it replied the exact same thing; this happened in Tesco.

According to the staff, the phone thought the owners name was the assorted four letter words. This name can be set to anything. It just needs to be in a contact on the phone, which the jokers obviously set to the phrase. “I couldn’t see the funny side”, said Kim. As for the phone, it’s gone back to Apple for diagnostics. Has Siri ever shown it’s dark side to you? Let us know in the comments section below…

[via The Sun]

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  • B33ster

    Ya I got something similar .. It said “sorry get lost you piece of shit” , I couldn’t do it try it again please

  • Pinballb

    F-her……….she’s a b@$c! And just trying to cash in – again, F-her!

  • Beau Hall

    yeah siri had a bad side to me when it said “im going to kill you” D:

  • iModzify


  • Nguy1090

    stupid cunt

  • JMB

    she’s holding an iPod Touch…..???? 

  • IM

    if siri is not modified then it does not says anything wrong

  • PonyReiter

    she s the one who managed to get a (sort-of)working port done before everybody else. now she’s tryin to … i don’t know.
    probably she managed to pump some AI brain into siri and siri told the kid what it thinks.
    gettin asked questions all day can get on sb’s AI nerves….

    can be an old pic outta the vault, as well