Siri Is Your New Personal Assistant

Does the name Siri ring a bell? If it does this is because Apple purchase the voice recognition company Siri for $200 million dollars a couple of years ago.

Why does Siri matter? Well Siri matters because it it is the flagship feature of the next generation iPhone – the iPhone 4S. Siri is sort of like your personal assistant. You ask it a question or give it a task and it does what you say. Simply launch Siri by holding down the home button and Siri comes to life. “Do I have a meeting tomorrow?” Siri automatically checks the calendar app and responds out loud to your question. “What time is it in Switzerland?” Siri shows you a word clock and also responds out loud.

You can even tell Siri to complete a specific task like setting your alarm for a certain time, scheduling a meeting, looking up something in Google and so much more! The possibilities are endless with Siri at your side.

To get a better idea about just how intelligent Siri really is watch this official video from Apple below.

Apple has also made it clear that Siri (your “personal assistant”) will only be featured on the iPhone 4S which is launching October 14th.

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