Siri Can Bypass Lockcode

Siri’s smart. Smart enough to bypass your lockcode. Yup, it’s just being realized by hundreds of 4S owners, but you can actually call and do other things from the lockscreen while Siri’s locked. That’s a problem when people get hold of your smartphone. Who knows what information they’ll extract from your iPhone.

Anyway, to avoid problems with this, you should change your settings. Go into passcode settings and turn Siri off from the settings. I sure wouldn’t like people snooping around my iPhone.

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  • Jalx


  • Yiyou

    Seriously, people are too paranoid
    I mean what kind of effin information is everyone afraid of losing,…their SS number? Their angry birds high score? Their nudy pics?….oh noooo, they can make a call!

  • Jannes

    Seriously, why don´t post with your real name  – Yiyou?   

  • Velo Kun

    lolololol, find this funny that this is possible. Be funnier if you could actually tell siri for apsscode or sumthing.

  • Cyril Lim

    “Siri, what is my passcode?” ROFL!

  • V T

    To circumvent this problem of Siri over-riding Passcode lock when using the raise-to-speak function, just go to General – Settings – Passcode Lock – Siri (Turn “OFF” – Do not allow access to Siri when locked with a passocde)