The iPhone ReImagined: Larger Screen With A Side Positioned Home Button [IMAGES]

It has been awhile since we have seen a unique iPhone concept and as such when I saw Peter Zigich’s new next-generation iPhone concept I knew I had to share it with you guys.

When designing this iPhone concept, Zigich knew there was three key areas he had to address: improve the iPhone 5’s already spectacular design, compete with cheap smartphones and also compete with large screen smartphones (phablets).

In order to address these three areas Zigich came up with the idea to move the home button to the side of the device. Doing this means one could end up with a bigger screen or a smaller screen.

iPhone 6 Concept

Let’s take the case of the iPhone 5. If the home button is moved to the side of the device it allows for an extra row of icons and the dimensions remain the same. Zigich didn’t just move the home button to the side of the device though, put one on both sides of the device. He thinks that this allows for “more possible functions combining left & right Home buttons with single, double, triple click. (Example: double click left Home button then single click right Home button; or press left & right at the same time, etc).”

Considering Apple has 4 different iPod versions, why should the iPhone be limited? If you take the home button away from the iPhone 4 and instead of increasing the screen size, shrink it, you are left with an iPhone Mini. Furthermore, why not also have an iPhone XL with the same design?

iPhone 6 Concept

It is definitely an interesting concept and could indeed work. Many have predicted that Apple would get rid of the home button to make more room for a larger display with a virtual home button, but as far as I know this is the first concept that showcasing a side positioned home button.

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  • Xiegfred


  • Abi Manyu

    very nice, the first time you put it in your front pocket jeans, it will snap into 2 on the home button area.

  • Ethyn Resausk

    Not to be a downer, but the iPhone 5 is as tall as I’d ever want my phone to be and homebutton will always be in the middle for me. However I’d like to see some sort of touch integration with the homebutton though this might make it difficult for future jailbreaks since its dependant on a button rather then touch

  • otterchoass

    this concept is interesting, but unlikely to actually happen. as most people already know, apple is quite meticulous in their designs, and if they wanted to increase the screen size passed four inches, they would have done so with the iphone 5. it looks like this story is just a filler during an uneventful time in the iWorld.

  • The Chaotic Buddhist

    Jesus Christ my eyes are bleeding. This… this should just never be spoken of again…

  • FlipFuzion

    Not true…they would never put out the maximum size on initial release…if Apple did that, they wouldn’t have anything “new” to release on the next generation model.