Sharp Displays For iPhone Now Shipping In “Adequate Volumes”

Sharp Corp, one of three suppliers of the LCD panels in iPhone 5s, has had a bit of a rough start to iPhone 5 season. Back in late August, we reported that their production had been delayed, and that they might not getting their quota of screens to Apple in time. Two weeks later, they announced that they had begun shipping their display panels, just days before the iPhone 5’s release.

Now, according to a new report from Reuters, Sharp is shipping iPhone 5 displays in “adequate volumes,” which we take to mean that they’re making enough to keep Apple happy. Many people blamed the display makers for the shortage of iPhone 5s at launch, as analysts claimed the LCD panels were the manufacturing bottleneck for Apple.

Sharp Displays For iPhone Now Shipping In "Adequate Volumes"

Those who have been following along since widespread coverage of the iPhone 5 began will probably be familiar with the device’s unique touchscreen technology. The touch membrane is integrated into the display, rather than being a separate membrane that sits on top of the screen. While it allows the display assembly to be thinner, experts have said that it’s also much harder to produce in large quantities, which has led to the aforementioned production delays.

Fortunately, it looks like Sharp’s issues have been resolved, which should mean shorter wait times for all those iPhone 5 pre-orderers who are still waiting for their phones to show up.

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