Does S Voice Completely Blow Siri Away? [VIDEO]

I think a question that a lot of people asked themselves when they saw the Samsung Galaxy S3’s new S Voice feature was how does it compare to Siri? I know for one I was curious about how Siri would fare up to S Voice, especially after watching one of the first video demonstrations that surfaced on YouTube.

Siri vs. S Voice

It looks like we can finally have a clear comparison between both Siri and S Voice thanks to The Verge who have put Siri and S Voice head-to-head. I won’t say anymore until you have watched the video for yourself…

For those of you who actually watched the entire comparison video you will probably have noticed a couple things. First of all the individual doing the comparison had an accent, so this made some commands a little more difficult to interpret by both Sir and S Voice. In a way this was good however, because we could see that both Siri and S Voice struggled. Secondly, for the most part Siri seemed to be able to complete commands much faster than S Voice. Of course Siri was not able to provide answers for all the questions S Voice could, but I would say this is not enough for S Voice to come out on top.

S Voice is clearly a competitor to Siri and should make Android users happy to have something comparable to Siri. In my opinion however, Siri still comes out on top because overall it is more “polished” than S Voice. Who do you think came out on top? Leave your responses and further thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Dylanw718

    the one who came out on top was the infringement lawyer that got this allowed on android in the first place

  • Me

    Are you on crack?? Apple don’t own the rights to voice recognition software !!

  • shovel shit

    god that iphone is way more sexy then the android!

  • Ben Schmidt

    It’s an American phone. :). Maybe try someone with an American accent. 

  • Bojan Djordjevic

    iPhone was way better in this test. But Samsung caught up pretty nicely. Competition is always good. Apple needs to up their game, and I as a buyer will benefit either way.

  • Ste

    On crack or sniffing glue or something haha coz of some lawyer!! Apple own the rights to Siri and that’s just a name. Voice recognition is not and never well be owned by apple

  • DanDan

    Love it how iPhone brings all these new features, few weeks later Android comes out with them and tries to make it better by making it there own.

  • Mars Sjoden

    Siri is sadly laggin on Location Searches.  
    Time to start utilizing the OpenStreets database

  • Noah King

    NOT ANDROID! s voice is by samsung, not android

  • awaldeck

    Apple “bring out new features” that sometimes already exist too

  • awaldeck

    There are other countries except “America” you know….This should be planned for by these companies

  • awaldeck

    Yes android had voice recognition on their phones long before apple’s siri
    Siri is just a personal assistant thing as is S voice…

  • Jrosario9

    He has the iCrap on wifi and the Samsung on regular antenna…l.not anfair fight…

  • Soup’s

    Noah King is and awaldeck are right. Besides, Google came out with voice commands before Apple came out with Siri. Samsung made S Voice to compete with Siri. Love it how idiots make biased assumptions without getting their facts straight. ^_^

  • KWTechnology

    Siri is so much better, it doesn’t have to LEAVE to go to the browser for information, as S Voice has too.