RedD00r To Be Released Soon! [Custom iOS 5 Firmware File For iPhone 3G And iPod Touch 2G]

The developers of the WhiteD00r custom firmware file series, which brought the features of the iOS 4 firmware to the 3.x.x firmware (for older generation Apple devices) are back with a new project. This new project is called RedD00r and is an aim to bring the features of the iOS 5 firmware to the iOS 4 firmware.

The reason someone would want iOS 5 features while actually running the iOS 4 firmware is if you have an older generation iPhone or iPod Touch; specifically if you have an iPhone 3G or iPod Touch 2G. You see, the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G do not have native support for the iOS 5 firmware, meaning users with these two iDevices are not able to update to the official iOS 5 firmware. With the RedD00r custom firmware file, however you can take advantage of most, if not all, the features of the iOS 5 firmware while actually running the iOS 4 firmware on your iPhone 3G or iPod Touch 2G.

At this time the release date of RedD00r is unknown, but we will keep you updated when new information is discovered. In the mean time, please share your thoughts of RedD00r in the comments section below…

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  • Mike McKinnon

    Nice. I contributed to the whited00r project, with a signal bar theme I made. Best of luck to these guys.

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  • Natorious


  • Jace

    wow this is something i have been looking for!!! im excited

  • Macros

    I need they can unlock iPod Touch first gen too :)

  • Jeongsik Lee

    please 2nd touch “MC” model support.

  • ben


  • Dx_11026

    Yes! but could someone answer how does my friend have a second gen 32 gb with ios 5 firmware?

  • YouRmom

    The question is can it handle iOS 5?

  • Jacob Sides

    This is interesting. I might try it on my iPod Touch 2G (whenever I see my friend, who’s borrowing it) whenever this is released.

    But it can barely run the textPlus app…And with all the new features iOS 5 has…

  • Ben

    Fuck no, not the iPhone 3G, that will fuck the iPhone 3G up big time. it can barely handle iOS 4.0. no way that’ll every app will crash on startup and probably crash your iPhone 3G too.

  • Miguele

    please 2nd touch “MC” model support!

  • Erivando l Nscimento Silva

    Sim, é muito Bom o Projeto!

    Vamos aguardar e Doar muita grana a esses maiorais…

  • Ume

    Plz tell me ios 5 custom firmware of red00r made with ios 4 can be also released for iphone 3gs??

  • LoLi

    ipod touch has just 8gb and 16gb not 32gb just an ipod touch 3g has 32 gb

  • kevin oliver

    hope its out before xmas

  • Sn0941

    just waiting for redd00r custom firmware for iphone 3G 

  • dantheman

    iphone 3gs already has native iOS 5 support?

  • conanap

    is there siri on it!? or anytype of voice control?

  • jsd

    yeh. please guys. i have a second gen itouch mc model. 

  • Ninjaspreet

    dude no foul language please. Devlopers like me are reading this.

  • JSD

    Yes we can already do that.

  • dk

    best of luck guys.

  • Sammy_g97

    will you get the free messages to other iphones and imessage on touch features?

  • Steen Powers

    AAAAAH I can’t wait ANYMOOOORE!!!! :-D
    Happy Holidays!

  • Felipe

    please, where download?

  • Saawal_786

    when will it release ? 

  • Mryeagley

    It Will handle it fine with scripts enabled and ram freeing shortcuts

  • SecretAgentMatt1996

    Please include MC model support…there is such a big market for it since a lot of people thought they were buying the 3rd gen. Every good speedy jailbreak isn’t for the MC model and it really sucks… :( 
    iPod Touch 2G MC 8GB 4.2.1

  • Matthew Longboard Shannon

    I doubt it. Thats Apple Supported. They just try to copy the features(multitasking, wallpapers, battery percentage, reminders etc)

  • Saawal

    it might me

  • supertiger141

    when will it come out?

  • Gage Henry

    You guys don’t need this! 3rd gen iPod Touch’s can update to iOS 5 >_>

    **EDIT** just remember’d that the MC model isn’t the 3rd gen sry xD

  • Prasoon Singh

    Please when can we have this for the iPod Touch 2G MC model? Please iOS 4.2.1 is so slow and Temple Run is lady as heck.

  • Diocanemaria

    plz mc model

  • Jesus Flores Apodaca

    cuando va estar ya me estoy muriendo por obtener el Redd00r ya qee el whited00r no era lo qee esperava :( no era compatible con la mayoria de mis apps por eso qiero el redd00r =DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • Jesus Flores Apodaca

    que pues cuando va a salir Redd00r?

    ya me muero por obtenerlo

  • jakebgold

    Same! I’m so annoyed that WhiteD00r doesn’t have support /:

  • Anonymous

    I have an iPod touch 2gen 16gb and an iphone 3g 16gb both MB Models and i cant wait for this software and both devices r runnin whited00r ATM

  • Ashokkandoi


  • Jonn Paolo

    yeah!! please have a MC model Support!! PLease!!!

    white00r sucks!! they don’t have MC model Supports..

  • Sukhi_dhatt

    please include mc model support and how much longer is it going to take i cant wait for this:D

  • Sukhi_dhatt

    come on one more day left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rumered and of feb:D

  • Killer-one

    Redd00r support ipod 2g MC ;)



  • Rubenx

    REALLY SOON -.- it’s 5-03 now :S

  • Sachinbabu100

    please bring vdeo sync n photo edit software to redD00r n also bring cydia latest ver n hd game support

  • Tiago

    where is the firmware ? 
    come on guys.

  • Can’t tell

    Yeah, whited00r is kool, and the features are the best, BUT NO MC SUPPORT!!!!!!!

  • Alex787812

    its at the end of feb???


     does anyone actually hav this installed on a 3g?

  • Sukhi_dhatt

    comeon guys its april now release it already i cant wait.

  • Bbb



    this is awesome…really done it this time… please have the a MC model support

  • Nazo242

    i have the firmware but its not unlocked so when i use it. it is always on the emergency call thing i tried jailbreaking no dice and no i dont have a at&t sim card because i live it the bahamas

  • Awesome.

    the beta is already out. check the whited00r forums.

  • Arnav

    Atleast tell me the approximate date of release of RedDOOr iOS 5 for ipod touch 2g (mc model).

  • kevins

    whited00r would be great if it wasnt a older version of ios its 3.1.3 ios so new and some old apps wont even work looks like the best bet is just to get a iphone 3gs or up

  • pissed off

    this is fucking bull shit iv’e been waiting way to long for this and you guys still haven’t made a (mc model!)

  • Pai Neto

    how soon is this Reddoor /window thing coming out coz we r dying out here.