Pre-Order The iPhone 5s On September 17th, Only In China

Apple has been showing a lot of interest in the Chinese market recently, this is of course because China houses the worlds largest mobile carrier. The company has been trying to tie knots with China Mobile to sell the iPhone in the mainland. A special event was also held in Beijing on September 11th, to launch the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s in China.

The iPhone 5c is already available for pre-order, but the iPhone 5s pre-orders begin on September 20th. However, Apple will be starting advance reservations for the iPhone 5s in China starting September 17th. The phone will still be delivered to you on September 20th, in store.

Pre-order iPhone 5s On September 17th

This isn’t the first time Apple has used the advance reservation scheme in China, it was first done during the launch of the iPhone 4. The advance reservation system helps Apple keep away the scalpers who try to get their hands on the iPhone, then create product scarcity and sell it for a higher price in the grey market and areas where it isn’t launched yet.

To reserve the iPhone 5s, one has to just give some identification details and get an appointment at the Apple Store to make the payment.

iPhone 5s Pre-Order China

What Apple has forgotten again, is that the iPhone 5s is still fairly expensive for the average person. The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c launch didn’t really impress the Chinese locals much either. Apple still has to do a lot of work to make the iPhone sell like hotcakes in China.

If you’re from China, Hong Kong etc., you can head over to your respective online Apple Store and reserve the iPhone 5s starting September 17th.

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  • BlackFireant

    Now Sept 17 in HK past 4pm local time, Apple online store is still not making available 5s for sale. Apple still thinks their flagship is so irresistible and so arrogant that people will have to beg for it? Now, different era, people have other choices. If Apple wants to keep all their iPhone inventory, be my guest. Keep them to sell in a few years vintage. It’s so ridiculous that buying an iPhone is like having to be allotted with ration. They are the makers, we are the money spenders. With their arrogance, they can keep all their iPhones.
    Apple is also making another mistakes. People in China who want iPhones, they are those with money, and lots of money. So, the 5Cs won’t sell not because like many reviewers, who don’t have the slightest notion of the market in China, said the price is positioned too high, but because they have other Android makers to choose from such as Samsung, HTC, Sony, and even Nokia. 5C price point is in direct competition with these makers, and yet the 5C is basically an iPhone 5 with a new makeover – cheaper plastic case and non-stereo speakers, so people in China looking for a new phone will probably not go for 5C because most are repeat customers trying to upgrade from 5 to 5C/5S…and they didn’t mind to pay almost twice the original price over USD1200-USD1500 for a parallel-imported or grey-marketed iPhone 5 from HK and other countries…so my prediction is that 5C won’t be selling much in China not because of the perceived impression price is too high but it’s because it is losing its edge to compete. If people who are less willing to pay high prices, then that’s the market segment Xiaomi is targeting. They are total different pools of customer targets.