New To The Apple Store: Jailbroken iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches With [VIDEO]

Apparently there is a something new in your local Apple store: Jailbroken iPhones.

That’s right, shortly after comex and the iPhone Dev-Team released the jailbreak, people began to jailbreak all the iPhones they could get their hands on including the ones Apple Stores.

Apparently it all started when MK321024 decided he was going to head over to an Apple store to Jailbreak an iPhone.  This is easy, because the jailbreak is a web-based jailbreak accessible through the phone’s browser. Shortly thereafter, he posted this video on YouTube.

Today will be an interesting day for stores that have iPhones on display. Twitter users are already gushing about jailbreaking iPhones at their local retailers. This will further force Apple’s hand in pushing out a new update to patch the exploit.

Here is another Apple Store Jailbreak Attempt

Stay tuned and we’ll post more images and video as the come.

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  • mackman6151

    haaa that is classic…going there and jailbreaking! :P

  •  Xaroc

    Thats funny stuff. my friend and i were joking about this yesterday, looks like someone beat us to the punch lol. im sure someone has caught on by now and is watching more closely lol. imagin everyday after they leave they have to restore all phones lol

  • xywix

    hahaha….old apple employee has no clue what a jailbreak is even :p

  • Nick Burgess

    “he doesn't even have a clue..huhuhu” classic