Hacker Manages To Create A Siri Proxy Server To Allow For Custom Siri Commands!

Last week we told you that a French Engineering firm, Applidium managed to crack Siri’s security protocol that kept Siri limited to the iPhone 4S. With Siri’s security protocol now cracked, this allowed developer @Plamoni to create a 3rd party proxy Server for Siri to communicate with. The developer notes that this 3rd party proxy server makes it easy for other developers to create custom Siri handlers to allow Siri to do just about anything.

To prove his point the developer has uploaded a video demonstration to YouTube of his proxy server in action. In this video demonstration, you see Siri being able to control and interact with a WiFi thermostat.

As you can see, if you watched the video, this 3rd party proxy server for Siri is extremely useful and has an unlimited amount of possibilities. And as I am sure you are wondering by now, you actually do not need to Jailbreak your iPhone 4S to take advantage of it!

If you are a developer and are interested in taking advantage of this 3rd party proxy server for Siri you can find the source code and instructions by clicking here (Github).

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