New iPhone 5c Commercial From Apple Airs Called Greetings

Apple has just posted a new commercial to its YouTube channel today called Greetings. As its title hints the commercial depicts people from around the world talking to other people using the iPhone 5c. If you remember the previous iPhone 5c commercials we shared you will realize that this one is a departure from the Fruit Company’s previous style that had no dialogue whatsoever.

Apple has captioned this commercial ““Say hello to the iPhone 5c. For those who don’t just love color, but love being colorful.” And if you remember Apple’s original Hello iPhone ad, you will without a doubt notice where Apple received some inspiration from for this particular ad.

It will be interesting to see how well Apple’s lower cost iPhone 5c really fares on the market and we will know this soon enough when the launch weekend numbers are announced. Until that time let us know what you think of this commercial in the comments section below.

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