French Designer Has Already Rendered An iPhone 6 Concept [IMAGES]

In a classic case of getting way ahead of oneself, a french designer by the name of NAK Design has released his ideas for an iPhone 6. We haven’t even seen what the iPhone 5 is going to look like, so it seems like a tough bet to be guessing where it’s going to evolve from there, but hey, kudos for trying.

iPhone 6 Concept

iPhone 6 Concept

His concept actually looks pretty cool, with a much larger screen than current iPhones, and the big Home button below the screen replaced with a smaller button nested over with the volume controls. This design would probably drive current iPhone users nuts, but it sure looks cool.

iPhone 6 Concept

You can see the full gallery, which contains over 20 renders of the device concept, on NAK’s site. He’s got some other cool concepts, too, including an iPhone 5 one from a few months ago.

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  • Rooney1994

    the screen is from an ipod touch as the iphone has “ipod” not “music” :))) , but its great¬†

  • Michael Svoeuy

    Apple needs this guy on their design team. These concepts are nice!

  • Hockeystud568

    rooney, you are incorrect

  • Guest

    Why do Apple news sites always feature some dipthong’s wishful next iPhone design every week? I guarantee you the next iPhone will look nothing like this.

  • Guest

    Apple’s iPhone sales would increase if people would stop with all these rumors of the next iPhone release it will come out whenever apple is ready to make an announcement about it just sit back and relax

  • 123

    rooney u aren’t in ios 5 yet are u