Motorola Rumored To Be Working On A Phone To Rival Apple, Which Could Feature A Bendable Screen

It is no question that when it comes to smartphones, the generalized perception is that the iPhone is king. There is a social stigma in our culture that if you own an iPhone you have the best smartphone available. While nowadays competition like the Galaxy S III and Lumia 920 challenge the iPhone to large degree, even a couple years ago the iPhone was the epitome of all cellular handsets. In a lot of ways it still is. People consider owning an iPhone like driving a high end car like a Porsche.

How did this come to be? Well, in part this has to do with Apple revolutionizing the smartphone with its initial introduction of an all-touch smartphone – the iPhone. But Apple still designs the iPhone in a way that when you hold it, you know you are holding an extremely high quality handset. Unfortunately a lot of other Android and Windows handsets still use a polycarbonate body that feels cheap.


A real example of a bendable display developed Samsung

According to The Wall Street Journal, Google owned Motorola plans to unveil a smartphone next year that will revolutionize the smartphone market, just like the iPhone did back in 2007. It could even feature a bendable screen.

Engineers at Motorola are hard at work on a sophisticated handset—known internally as the “X phone”—but the Google Inc. unit is running into some obstacles in its effort to provide more potent competition for Apple Inc.Seven months after being acquired by Google for $12.5 billion, Motorola is designing its marquee handset with cutting-edge features to stand apart from existing phones when it is released next year.

But while Google is known for swift execution on the Web, its new hardware unit has run into hurdles associated with manufacturing and supply-chain management that have caused the company to rethink some initial plans for the X phone, such as using a bendable screen, these people added.

Apparently Motorola is working on developing two new handsets, one of which would be sold by carrier partner Verizon Wireless (like the Droid line of smartphones) and the other would be the X phone. Motorola is also rumored to release an X Tablet after the phone.

There has been a lot of talk about smartphones featuring bendable screens, and even Samsung has been rumored to be releasing a phone with such technology next year. Whoever gets to the point of releasing a handset like this first, will definitely shakeup the mobile sector. The question now becomes will it be Google, Samsung or Apple?

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