Comedian Louis CK Discusses The Future Of iPhones, iCloud [VIDEO]

The hilarious Louis CK appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live recently, and the topic briefly turned to iPhones, and technology in general. According to Louis, iPhones are “too much” for him, and admitted he doesn’t own one himself anymore.

Comedian Louis CK Discusses the Future of iPhones

The two comedians also discussed the future of iPhones, with Louis CK saying that when cloud storage eliminates the need to have local storage capacity, devices will get even smaller. He says iPhones will eventually just look like the transparent screen protector on current iPhones, with the ability to project Tom Cruise onto your face, and Salma Hayek onto your…well, you know.

The video is well worth watching, and Louis CK is currently doing great things for internet freedom and the DIY ethos. His last couple comedy specials have been self-released on his website, with absolutely no DRM, circumventing HBO and the big production companies. He’s also currently selling tickets to his upcoming tour directly though his site, for a flat rate, as a way of sticking it to Ticketmaster and scalpers.

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