iPhone Quick-Draw Accessory Will Save You From Ever Missing A Call [VIDEO]

It looks like we have found one gadget that for some reason never made it to CES 2013 this year. A Japanese man has created what he calls an iPhone Quick-Draw system that essentially allows him to answer a phone call in an unprecedented manner.

This contraption essentially straps to your wrist and allows you to have access to your iPhone in one flick. The iPhone is then released into your hand near instantaneously. As TUAW points out “if the homemade masterpiece looks a bit familiar, it may be due to its similarities to rig used by Robert De Niro’s character in the film Taxi Driver.” Mind you this invention it a little bit more tame. 


Although this is indeed a neat contraption, I see little hope of it ever taking off, mind you this video was more than likely a joke anyways. Who knows, maybe an well-known accessory manufacture like Griffin Technology will ride this wave though…

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