iPhone Dev-Team Working On A Very Promising iPhone 4S Unlocking Solution

It seems like recently the Jailbreaking Community has been fairly quiet on any new developments. This weekend, however, has been a very different story. Chronic Dev have announced a new tool to start a whole new chapter for the Jailbreaking community, and now MuscleNerd has announced that the iPhone Dev-Team have discovered a very promising exploits that could be used to unlock the iPhone 4S.

If the iPhone Dev-Team can turn this exploit into a workable unlocking solution, they could release an updated version of UltraSn0w that could unlock the iPhone 4S on the latest baseband version. In case you are not aware of what UltraSn0w is, it is basically a Cydia package you download that automatically can unlock an iPhone after being Jailbroken.

It is no doubt that we have heard promises of different NEW software unlock solutions in the past, but hopefully this time the iPhone Dev-Team can actually release a working iPhone 4S unlock solution. We will keep you updated when new information is revealed about this promising iPhone 4S unlock exploit. In the mean time please let us know if this iPhone 4S unlock would be something you would be interested in, in the comments section below…

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  • Jacques West

    Why would you need to focus on making an unlock when you already have the “No tools, Hardware, or software needed” Unlock? It makes users SO much happier. it may be a bit tedious, but it works, and very quick. It’s a lot easier for the average joes rather than jailbreak and then ultrasn0w. The guys who actually have experience, can’t complain. iPhone Dev-Team, don’t waste your time on an ultrasn0w unlock until it becomes patched. Because when the bug has been fixed, then you guys have to 98% have to redo the entire coding because of the new BB and firmware. Rather focus on an untethered jailbreak, or make iOS 5 supported on older gen devices, or do worth while tweaks. Do you guys agree with me?

    Oh and BTW, thanks Jaden for your continuous help in jailbreak community. you have made my job SO much easier for all the intel that you get! I just simply don’t have time to actually stay updated from twitter. Thanks man! BIG fan!

  • blueshockz

    unlock for iphone 4 first!

  • crmz

    can you give the link to the no tools,hardware,software needed unlock method for iphone 4s? thanks.

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  • deepak

    can you tell the release date of 4s unlock?

  • Bulipap

    Definitely. Can’t wait for a untethered jailbreak and unlock for the iPhone 4s!!

  • Bjpooppony

    On my iPhone 4s right now and would love to finally get a jailbreak I have been waiting for!

  • Robbaus

    I think everybody are waiting for this new unlock solution

  • Sky85

    Please give us a release date for the iphone 4s unlock!
    I really, really need it!

  • Sting

    when will we wait for an unlock for iphone 4s?

  • Sewacomputer

    I am waiting.

  • Bunkerwat

    Yes I am patiently waiting for this unlock so I can use Tmobile service on this