iPhone 6’s Sapphire Glass Display Could Allow For Solar-Charging Abilities

With Apple’s new Sapphire glass plant, discussed briefly in Tim Cook’s interview on ABC, it is no question that its iOS Devices  will eventually get new Sapphire glass displays.

6a00d8341bfa6953ef0115707f79e4970b-500wiThat’s not all though, NDTV suggests that the iPhone 6 could feature not only a larger Sapphire glass display but also the ability to charge by being laid out in the sun.

In other words the iPhone 6 will have solar-charging abilities, so that if you lay it in the sun, it’ll use photovoltaic sensors to juice up the battery.

Although this may seem like a far-fetched idea Apple has actually patented an iPhone display with integrated touch sensor and solar assembly. And if Apple was able to make this work it would certainly be something to make it stand out on the market. 

When you think about it, however, Apple posts warnings on every iPhone manual not to leave the device in the direct sun… as such the chances of this happening are probably very slim.

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