iPhone 6 Will Feature An Ultra-Retina 389 ppi Display, 2.6 GHz A8 Processor And More

Lately, it has been pouring with iPhone 6 rumors and leaks. We’ve seen leaked panels, rumored specifications of the next iPhone and reports about its display size, processor etc. However, it’s really difficult, at this point, to know what Apple has in store for us. They always surprise or shock everyone on the day of the release. It’s obvious that the new iPhone 6 will come with a larger screen, a newer processor and most likely an improved camera.

iphone 6 concept

When it comes to Apple rumors and leaks, Mr. Sonny Dickson has mostly had it right. Now he’s gone on a tweeting spree and revealed what could be the specifications of the iPhone 6. In four tweets, with the hashtag #justsaying, Sonny Dickson stated that the iPhone 6 will have an Ultra-Retina 389 ppi display, a 2.6 GHz A8 processor and will be just 0.22 inches thick.


That’s all he had to say though. No details on the size of the display, just that it’ll be called Ultra-Retina and have a density of 389 ppi. If these are the actually specifications, then it does sound good, at least on paper. Of course, there are smartphones out there with much higher ppi, but Apple will most likely not hit the 5-inch spot just yet. In comparison, the iPhone 5s is 0.30 inches thick and its A7 processor has a core clock of 1.3 GHz.

What do you think of these specifications? Do you think the iPhone 6 will have similar specifications? Let us know in the comments.

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  • http://www.sythsgod.com Sythsgod

    I think the part about the better core clock speed for the A8 chip could be very realistic. The fact that it will, probably, also be a 64-Bit chip will give developers more graphical option with the better chip speed.

  • http://mobileboome.weebly.com/ Harry

    These rumours all look like what Apple would probably do, they like to double the power of their processors

  • Miguel Bórquez

    1600×900 sounds like the new screen with 4.7″ it’s roughly 390 ppi. What do you think?

  • eXoguti093

    1600×900? That sounds pretty nice I don’t mind it at all, they probably think that the huge ppi is a waste ’cause you barely can’t see pixels at 400ppi, plus slightly less power consumption

  • Miguel Bórquez

    At the end I don’t see the need to go 1080p, with 1600×900 you get way better performance, less battery usage, at the same visual quality.

  • Bart

    my prehistoric iPhone 5 runs on iOS 7.1 FAST as hell – I do not need quicker processor – the same as screen resolution – so far is PERFECT!


  • Dizzlerocksj’s

    speak for yourself I’m ready for iphone 6