iPhone 6 To Feature Larger Screen With 1080p And 2k Resolution, 128GB Storage And 2GB RAM

Reoccurring rumors of the iPhone 6 lead us to believe that it will be coming in two different sizes, where we will also see Apple discontinue the iPhone 5c. Now a new research note from KDB Daewoo Securities gives us a potential sneak peak into some other areas of Apple’s next-generation handset.


This concept will never happen become a reality, but it’s neat nonetheless

Reportedly the iPhone 6 will come in two screen sizes, 4.7 to 4.8 inches and 5.5 inches, supporting a resolution of 1080p and 2K (2272 x 1280) pixels respectively.

Apple will also finally open up the iPhone 6 to 128GB of storage, with 2GB of RAM and an 8MP rear-camera with a 3.2MP front-camera.


Rather than releasing an new firmware generation like iOS 8, Apple will instead ship the new devices with iOS 7.2 and will be launched at WWDC 2014. When you consider Apple’s usual release cycle this seems quite unlikely since Apple usually focuses on iOS software at WWDC, and holds a separate event for iPhone in the September/October timeframe.

Feature like the larger screen sizes and increased storage are much demanded feature so it’s exciting to think this could actually happen this year.

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  • espro

    You probably meant WWDC 2014, Not 2013.

  • iFapper


  • Harry

    So do they mean that they will release the new range of iphones around june/july?

  • http://www.facebook.com/fourinchworld Michael Scott Allen

    It doesn’t mean anything since Apple hasn’t made an announcement. Take this all with a grain of salt.

  • macaddict

    Wrap-around wallpaper would be really cool.

  • Ted Forbes

    Since Apple is going along with keep the iPhone 4 in circulation that means we will have 3.5, 4, maybe 4.7 and maybe 5.5, this list of options will be very cool.

  • Tomo

    What sorta person wants a chunky huge phone that they can’t even use with one hand or put in their pocket? The iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 are nicely sized phones/screens. There is NO need for anything bigger. It’ll just cause complete fragmentation in the app store. 3.5 inch, 4 inch, 4.7 inches, 5.5 inches, iPad mini and iPad air? That is way too many sizes. No way. It’s dumb if they go anything over 4 inches. Most apps aren’t even optimised for iPhone 5 yet!

  • Randell Alderson

    shut up you haven’t produced anything but your opinion keep your damn 4S and 5 then while the rest of us get the new iphone 6

  • Tomo

    The iPhone 6 will be the same size as the 5S. Perhaps a small bit larger, but nothing as dumb as Android phones lol.

  • Jason

    Why u think apple Makin bigger phones? ..is because of Android! I have a note 2..& I love it!!!..love the size I can use it with one hand & it can fit in my pocket…the last phone I had with apple was an iPhone 4s..Apple is garbage with their cell phones!..until they prove them selves with their phones ill get an iPhone. .& the iPhone 6 looks like something I may get..MAYBE! ..lol

  • Donald Sams

    Galaxy S4 and Motorola Droid with 4.5″ screens are the same size as iPhones 5s on the outside. They just boast large screens from edge to edge,