This iPhone 6 Concept Will Never See The Light [VIDEO]

While we’re waiting for Apple to unveil the next iPhone, more and more concepts emerge showing what the iPhone 6 could look like. All of these concepts have screen size and the A8 processor in common, because that’s the only thing we can be sure of at this time. In this new concept by SCAVids, the iPhone 6 features, not one, but two 5-inch displays with 4K resolution. Yes, two displays!

iPhone 6-dual-screen

Most iPhone 6 concepts like to go with a 4.7-inch display with a full-HD resolution, however, this one begs to differ. Why one, when you can have two 4K resolution displays on your iPhone? This is highly unrealistic, but it still looks pretty cool and maybe sometime in the distant future this could be a reality.

Both the 5-inch displays have a pixel density of 463 ppi, which means they’re really bright and awesome for gaming, watching videos and more. This concept also adds a 16 megapixel rear camera to the iPhone 6 with 4K video capture at 240 fps. It also features the much rumored A8 processor and also includes 3GB of RAM. Check out the two videos after the break:

Auto Charging Mod, Transparent Wallpaper Mod? Well, let’s just hope for a larger than 4-inch screen on the iPhone 6 for now. Most of the features on this iPhone 6 concept is very unrealistic at the moment, but they do sound interesting. What did you think of this concept video?

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  • Macaddict2007

    I’d buy that! Great design.

  • The iDevice Pro

    You don’t post anything for 5 days, then post useless crap like this? Are you not aware that iH8sn0w has released R0bf0rdsn0w, albeit with a maniacal twist, and the dual boot utility by Winocm has been released? No posts about important stuff like this, but plenty of ridiculous “concept” articles. This used to be a pretty good blog. Had it as my home page, even. Now it’s iClarified. Where’s the jailbreak news? How about letting people know that the A5/N94 AES keys are posted on the web? People, if you want to see the REAL breaking news, check out iH8sn0w’s Twitter account, and iClarified.

  • Dani Hayes

    “allegedly an iCloud Activation Lock Bypasser” which means someone can steal your phone and use it. Why would you want to spread that around??

  • qwerty

    So that folk are aware of it?

  • The iDevice Pro

    For the same reason that there have been posts on here about AppSync. Except using AppSync IS theft. There are scenarios that exist in which R0bf0rdsn0w could be a very useful tool, used for legitimate reasons. AppSync, on the other hand, only promotes straight up piracy. Not that I frown upon such a thing, but we are speaking ethics, right? News is news, and people are going to be people. What people do with the news that they are given is their choice, and this is supposed to be a site about jailbreak news, not censorship. Lastly, when I see a site that is named “iJailbreak”, I’m looking for jailbreak pertinent material, not a bunch of “what if” scenarios.

  • Dani Hayes

    Okay so by your logic if someone has plans for the entire world on how to build an atom bomb it should be reported on because it is news and people are people.

    Sorry but something that has the potential to allow others to steal your device and use it should not be spread around.

    Lastly if you do not like a what if scenario do not read the article. I do not like when Samsung or android only articles are posted on here. Guess what I do…I do not read them.

  • The iDevice Pro

    I’m not supporting theft, but if there is pertinent iDevice news, this used to be the place to come. That’s all I’m sayin’. As far as the concept and android crap on here, you’re right. I don’t have to read it. But I do have to see it occupying space that something useful could occupy. You are entitled to your opinion as I am my own. Do you not want to know that such a tool exists, or would you rather be blind to the fact that iCloud actually can be bypassed? I would rather be informed, not live in the shadow of ignorance. That’s what news is for. Knowing. Education. Warning. You didn’t even address the lack of posting on the dual-boot utility or A5/N94 AES keys. Wouldn’t you rather see that posted? Maybe that information has no meaning for you. Whatever the case, troll somewhere else if you won’t support making something that is failing such as this site better.

  • Dani Hayes

    You really should research what a fallacy is because you are using an awful lot of them. That is why I have not addressed the dual-boot remark.

    Occupying space. Is it your site?? No.

    Maybe you should go to iClarified like you have stated and enjoy their website.

    Have a nice day dumbass.

  • The iDevice Pro

    If I am dumb, so be it, at least I’ll be an informed dumbass. Unlike you, who chooses to be ignorant. Ignorance and the fear of knowledge impede progress. Enjoy living in your self-made dark age.

  • Dani Hayes

    Have a nice day.

  • Jonathan

    It was an April Fools prank……