The iPhone 5S Won’t Be As Revolutionary As You Thought [VIDEO]

It turns out the iPhone 5S won’t be as revolutionary as you thought… sorry to disappoint.

According to a new video titled ‘Introducing the iPhone 5S’ Apple will be selling the exact same iPhone – the iPhone 5 – just with a different name: the iPhone 5S. There won’t be any new features, just a name change.

Confused? Don’t worry the video explains all, check it out below.

Gotcha! It’s just a parody video, don’t worry. But it is pretty funny to say the least. The video comes from parody video creator Matthias and here are some of our favorite quotes.

“We call it the iPhone 5… S and the S stands for Same.”

“To create the new iPhone, we started with a design we really loved. And then…stopped.”

Then who could forget “We did an over the air update, and automatically billed your iTunes account. You’re welcome.”

Funny, no?

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  • Joshua Jones Makaveli

    Lmfao seems legit.

  • james braselton

    hi there switching too windows 8 phone becuase windows 8 live tiles are coustomizable

  • Olly Be

    lol that made my day

  • Adam Markon

    Not switching to Windows 8 phone because I enjoy good technology.