One Analyst Thinks The iPhone 5S Will Come In Two Different Sizes With Multiple Color Options

The rumor mill looks like it is turning at full speed in 2013. Yesterday we received word that Apple was testing the iPhone 5S running iOS 7 and today we are back with another iPhone 5S rumor from an analyst by the name of Brian White from Topeka Capital Markets. This particular analyst thinks, despite Apple’s current low stock price, 2013 will be a big year for the fruit company with Apple shares skyrocketing to a price of $1,111.

One product supposed to be responsible for a shift in Apple shares is the iPhone 5S. It has been predicted that the next-generation iPhone will represent a huge departure from earlier models. Just how so? Well, according to White, the iPhone 5S will come with various screen sizes and color combinations.

“Our checks are also indicating that the next iPhone will offer customers more choice in terms of screen size,” White reported. “Although Apple offers a 4-inch screen on the iPhone 5 and a 3.5-inch screen on the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, the Company has never offered multiple screen sizes for a single model. We believe this is about to change with the next iPhone offering different screen sizes that we believe will allow Apple to better bifurcate the market and expand its reach.”

It is definitely hard to believe such a rumor, but it is not impossible Apple will try something different with the iPhone 5S to better compete with handsets such as the Galaxy S III, Lumia 920 etc.

iPhone Color Combinations

White believes the next iPhone will be available in five different colors: pink, yellow, blue, white & silver and black & slate. Personally I think different color combinations for the iPhone 5S is very likely. Just look at all the color combinations available on the iPod Touch. It would make sense for the fruit company to experiment with different color combinations for a product like the iPod Touch before taking it to one of their flagship products – the iPhone.

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  • sid

    Bigger size is a must to get me to switch back to iphone.