The Future iPhone 5S And iOS 7 Jailbreak Is Looking Bright, Evad3rs Have Exploits Stockpiled

We have heard this time and time again, sometimes with success, sometimes with defeat. Whenever a hacker or dev-team states they have stockpiled exploits sometimes these exploits do indeed come handy, and sometimes they are a let down. A good example of this was during the first MyGreatFest in London when ChronicDev announced they had quite a few exploits they thought could be used in future Jailbreaks, when Apple ended up patching them.

On an optimistic note however, Forbes has recently gotten statements from David Wang, AKA Planetbeing, that the Evad3rs actually have a lot of exploits that they chose to save for a future Jailbreak. Apparently the Evad3rs actually had a working Jailbreak a month ago, but chose not to release it until they could replace many of the components of the hack with less valuable exploits, reserving the more powerful techniques for future projects.

According to David Wang, one of the four hackers who worked on evasi0n, the team was able to swap out all of it with lower-value exploits except one element targeting a bug used for executing code in an iOS device’s kernel, the deepest, most protected part of the operating system. All the other bugs used in evasi0n are “redundant,” he says, meaning the hackers have found similar, backup bugs they can use even if the newly exposed ones are patched by Apple.

iPhone 5S And iOS 7 Jailbreak Being Worked On By The Evad3rs

Although it was mentioned that the leftover bugs don’t quite equate to an entire Jailbreak, it gives the Evad3rs a significant head start that with more research would very soon lead to a Jailbreak, for say, the iPhone 5S and iOS 7.  “Even if we could only find another one or two more [bugs], we’d still have at least one more jailbreak left in us,” Wang says. “It’s getting harder. But there are still a lot of vulnerabilities left.”

One thing that the Evad3rs are starting to learn is that with “big” bugs harder and harder to find, stringing together smaller bugs  can lead to compromise of the entire operating system, while being easier to find. “It was just a question of being able to cleverly chain all these things together,” says Wang.

iOS 7 Firmware

Here’s hoping we don’t have to wait as long as we did for the iOS 6.x Jailbreak next time around.

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