The Current Outlook On The iPhone 5 Jailbreak Is “Grim,” But P0sixninja Is Working On “Something Bigger”

Unfortunately things aren’t looking so good for the iOS 6 untethered Jailbreak. This doesn’t just have to do with the fact that Apple is making Jailbreaking an increasingly tougher task, it has to do with not enough developers in the Jailbreaking community. The reason for this being is Jailbreaking an iOS device is no walk in the park (the understatement of the century). There are literally only a handful of people in the world that posses enough skill to exploit Apple’s security mechanisms.

iPhone 4S and iPad 2G Untethered Jailbreak

We have reported previously that progress was indeed being made on the iOS 6 Jailbreak front, and for awhile it was seeming like things were turning around. As with anything in the world of hacking however, things can quickly come to a halt. While you may think you are on to something, you often times come to a roadblock that forces you to start over. You can think of developing a Jailbreak like an extremely difficult Sudoku puzzle.

P0sixninja sent out a tweet this evening stating that the current status of the iPhone 5 Jailbreak is grim, and that he is working on something bigger. Just what could this bigger thing be? A userland Jailbreak? A plan to take over the world? Whatever it is, I am sure we will find out in the coming months.

P0sixninja iPhone 5 Jailbreak Status

Something to point out about P0sixninja’s tweet is that he mentioned few people share information with him anymore. This means that while P0sixninja sees the status of the iPhone 5 Jailbreak as grim, other developers may have something up their sleeves that he is not aware of… we can be hopeful right?

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    Followed by a reply from Chpwn: “Grim, eh?” Which was quickly retweeted by Musclenerd. :)

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    BootROM and decryption keys for A5/A5X/A6/A6X.