The iPhone 5 Has A Touchscreen Bug That Could Be Hardware Related [VIDEO]

In case the iPhone 5 didn’t already have enough problems, yet another one has been discovered by 9to5mac. It appears that the iPhone 5 has a touchscreen glitch, as it reacts differently than previous generations of the iPhone when you slide your finger diagonally across the screen repeatedly. When you do this on the iPhone 5 the handset starts to follow, but has lag spikes.

At this time it is not known whether this is a hardware hiccup of a software glitch, obviously we are hoping for the latter. You can take a look at the video demonstration of the touchscreen bug in action below.

I was able to replicate this bug on my iPhone 5 by launching the Messages app and repeatedly sliding my finger horizontally across the screen. Although this may not seem like a big deal, it indeed could be for game developers who rely on quick diagonal swipes.

Apple has not been available for comment, but we will update you guys if we hear more.

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  • Fredy Castro

    mine does it…

  • Vdubz

    I have noticed that my iPhone 5 doesn’t recognize some of my touch input as well as my 3,3GS,4,4s did

  • devontyson

    Why don’t you try Fruit Ninja? It could just be something Apple did for the larger screen.

  • craig84

    ive just done it and no problems here :)

  • Kyle

    Mail does it on mine, but fruit ninja doesn’t (might be because I am using an iPod touch 5th gen)

  • Ryley Lamarsh

    Same. Usually drops out from the top.

  • johnwa

    bug also found on touch 5 , ipad mini and ipad 4

  • Qwer

    In der Telefonbuch App hättet ihr es schwerer gehabt die Leute zu täuschen, das gezeigte Phänomen tritt dann auf wenn in der geöffneten App am unteren bildschirmrand eine Menüzeile ist und man bei der Bewegung das Display kurz verlässt.

  • Thom Nguyen

    Never experienced this on my touch 4g. Honestly i did plenty of scrolling and inputs before (I’ve done what he has done just for fun when i still had it.). It appears to be hardware related, maybe Apple is using cheaper touch screens, causing too much input to either overload the connector or controller of the touch system (overheating too much current?).

    Or a safety ‘feature’ of Apples to prevent over-usage of the screen to prolong lifetime of the screen or something.