Apparently The iPhone 5 Will Be Released On September 21st [Rumor]

A French mobile tech site called is claiming to have an inside line on the iPhone 5’s release date, citing as a source one of the three largest Apple accessory manufacturers in Hong Kong. That manufacturer has apparently received advance notice from Apple of the specs and release timeframe, and they’ve shared that information with App4Phone.

iPhone 5 Will Be Released On September 21st

September 21st is the new best-guess for the iPhone 5 release date. As August 7th draws closer and closer, that previously rumored release date is looking increasingly unrealistic. September 21st is still earlier than a lot of people were probably expecting, but definitely not out of the realm of possibility.

Along with this release date, App4Phone claims they’ve got some specs. It’s mostly the stuff we’ve already heard about – the new, smaller 19-pin USB connector, the headphone jack’s migration to the bottom of the phone, and the lengthening of the screen. The one new tidbit is an exact measurement of the new device’s length: 123.9mm. The iPhone 4S is 115.2mm, with a 3.5-inch display, so the screen on the iPhone 5 would measure 3.75 inches (assuming it keeps the same width, which is what rumor would indicate).

iPhone 5 Will Be Released On September 21st

At the end of the day, this is all still anything but confirmed. We’ve heard these accessory manufacturer sourced rumors countless times before, and sometimes they’re right…but sometimes they’ve completely wrong, or the source never existed in the first place. We’ll know soon enough who got it right, when the guessing game ends and Apple announces the bloody iPhone 5.

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