Replace A Missing Or Damaged Button For A Phone That You Don’t Have, iPhone 5 Leak

Alright rumor-feinds, it seems we have the first signs of physical proof that the iPhone 5 will feature a different design than the iPhone 4 and 4S. AppleBitch reports that TVC-Mall is selling a component of the upcoming iPhone which will not fit in contemporary models. If the part in question is genuine, the iPhone 5 will have a slightly different home button. The buttons have since been pulled from TVC-Mall but are still being sold outside of China on Truesupplier. For a penny under $9 (at 54% off!) you can have a spare part (or two) for a phone that has not been released.

iPhone 5 home button

What can you do with this spare part? Well, apparently these individually sold babies are “tested before shipment,” which probably isn’t as sexy as it sounds. Presumably you can depress the button and it will complete circuits just fine. You could drill a hole in it and wear it on a necklace. You could put it on your desk and marvel at what the whole iPhone 5 must look like.

Because that’s the thing: this button isn’t shaped like the iPhone 4S’ button. It’s got a sturdy square base instead of wings to keep it in place, but the different design of a part doesn’t mean the whole phone is going to change dramatically. It’s possible that Apple is only redesigning the button to respond to complaints of defective home buttons and will squeeze the extra room into the iPhone’s current design. It’s also possible that these buttons are for an iPhone knockoff.

Are these new buttons really proof of the Samsung Galaxy S3‘s shocking new redesign? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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  • Alex Goodkind

    OMG its gonna be called the New iPhone not the iPhone 5 and guess what the 4S was the 5th gen iPhone

  • Duncan

    We know it was the 5th IPhone, but it’s not called the iPhone 5, now is it?
    As for the next name, you don’t know what it is.