Apple iPhone 4S User Guide Available In PDF, Download Now

The iPhone 4S was recently released on October 14th, 2011 and it has even been officially noted by Apple that over 4,000,000 iPhone 4S’ have been sold during the last few days.

The iPhone 4S brings a magnitude of new functionality to the table once coupled with the official iOS 5 firmware including wireless syncing, Siri, iMessage and so much more. With so many new features and so many new iPhone owners out there I thought it would be a good idea to make apparent that there is an official iPhone 4S User Guide. In this iPhone 4S user guide you will find answers to numerous frequently asked questions and learn how to use every aspect of the iOS 5 firmware.

 iPhone 4S User Guide

If you are new to Apple iPhone scene and would like a helping hand using your iPhone 4S to its’ full potential we recommend taking a look at Apple’s iPhone 4S user guide section. Additionally you can browse the available iPhone 4S user guides/quick start guides below:

Note: This iPhone 4S user guide is also pre-bookmarked if you launch Mobile Safari on your iPhone 4S.

Even if you know how to use your iPhone 4S, taking a quick glance through the official iPhone 4S user guide can often times help you discover functionality you never realized was available.

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  • Carl Holmberg

    How to make a voice call

  • Rashiddel2007

    3 months back i bought a new Apple iphone 4S, but never used because i have no time to change my existing SIM to Micro Sim, Initially i charged my iphone Battery for FULL, after that i never used for approx 3 months,  start using my old NOKIA phone because of Microsim, mean time today i tried to open my Apple Iphone i found battery is full drained & empty its not starting after charging for a while it started – please tell me it will affect my Iphone 4S BATTERY LIFE? 

  • Parkman

     Plug the iPhone into your PC and it should reboot and be ready to use once charged.

  • J Lajovic

    i do no know how to compose and send a SMS, can anybody teach me?

  • zulfiqar ali

    iwant to update Ip4s as the updates are available , but i have the jailbreak , how can i update can any please advise

  • judy ermine

    I have a iPhone 4s and would like to know how to rotate the keyboard

  • Nadine Russell

    i would to download the iPhone 4s Manual, Please