The iPhone 4S Will Be Launched In Russia, Brazil And Other Countries Starting December 16th

It is no doubt that the iPhone 4S has turned quite a lot of heads, and there is no question that this is mostly because of Apple’s voice recognition technology Siri. With Siri by the iPhone 4S’ side, upgraded hardware and the usual extraordinary marketing by Apple, it seems like everyone wants one. Now, although in North America the iPhone 4S has been launched for some time, in countries such as Taiwan, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Malaysia, the iPhone 4S has not been available to purchase.

According to MacRumors, however, the iPhone 4S is set to debut in several other countries starting on December 16th, 2011. These countries include two of the world’s most popular countries: Brazil and Russia (and of course the other countries mentioned previously). If you are from any of the countries mentioned previously you will be glad to know it has indeed been confirmed that several local carriers have mentioned they will begin selling the iPhone 4S on Decmember 16th, 2011.

Are you from one of the countries mentioned in this article? If so, will you be purchasing an iPhone 4S when it is available? Let us know in the comments section below…

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