Apple Releases Software For New iPhone 4 SKU: “iPhone 3,2″; Die-Shrink, Dual-Band, Or China Mobile?

The iPhone 3,2 has popped up in rumors and within references in .plist files a little after the GSM iPhone 4 (internally known as the iPhone 3,1) was released in 2010. It was rumored to be the CDMA version of the iPhone 4. Since then we’ve seen Verizon’s CDMA iPhone 4 (the iPhone 3,3) and assumed that the iPhone 3,2 descriptor would go unused. Then, according to 9to5Mac, Apple went ahead and released iOS 6 for the iPhone 3,2; a device that, as far as is known, has not been released to the public.

Apple Releases iOS 6 Firmware For Unknown iPhone 3,2 Device

Is Apple not finished with the iPhone 4?

Since we already have a CDMA iPhone 4, there are a couple possibilities as to what the iPhone 3,2 really is. We’ve seen Apple make revisions in its already released products, such as cheaper and more power efficient A5 processor in the iPad 2,4 variant. It’s possible that the iPhone 3,2 will make use of a die-shrink of the A4 processor.

Another possibility is the antenna band. It’s the iPhone 4 could be updated with a dual GSM/CDMA antenna, as seen in the iPhone 4S. There’s also the possibility of support for more carriers worldwide, such as China Mobile’s TD-SCDMA 3G network.

That said, the iPhone 3,2 may only be an testing unit at Apple, or even that the firmware is for a certain new, rumored, and highly anticipated product released under a false name. Apple’s done this before with the ‘iProd’, the iPad’s internal nickname. That the iPhone 3,2 is really the iPad Mini is a long shot  sure, but the iPad Mini is a candidate as the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 both make use of iOS 6 build 10A403.

Apple Releases iOS 6 Firmware For Unknown iPhone 3,2 Device

Chart from 9to5Mac.

What do you think? Will the iPhone 3,2 be a cheaper and more power efficient revision of the standard iPhone 4; will it carry GSM/CDMA and support for more international carriers; or is it a cover for a new product at Apple? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Hilal Mohideen

    wat is iPhone 3,2?

  • BlackCl0udMY

    another model for iphone 4.