Update On Build 9B208 iOS 5.1.1 For GSM iPhones, Download Older Build While Available [Direct Link]

As we reported, Apple quietly released an updated version of iOS 5.1.1 for the GSM model of the iPhone 4 yesterday evening. iOS 5.1.1 build 9B208 is currently not jailbroken, so if you installed build 9B208 by accident, the best course of action would be to restore to the previous build of iOS 5.1.1 (9B206). Apple still seems to be signing 9B206, so if you’re looking to run iOS 5.1.1 on your iPhone 4, install the jailbreak-compatible version while you can.

It’s currently unknown how long it will take to patch Absinthe for compatibility with the new build, or if it will even be vulnerable to the exploit. Stefan Esser commented on Twitter that he felt it was “highly unlikely that Apple released the update due to the JB,” and noted that, “otherwise they would have released the update for all devices.”

If i0n1c isn't gloating about the demise of the jailbreak community, we're not in too much trouble.

More likely this is a bugfix for a glitch specific to the GSM iPhone 4. If this is the case, we can expect to see a compatible jailbreak soon. If Apple, for some reason, decided to do a day-one patch of the exploit on one particular phone, then it could take longer. You can tell if your iPhone 4 is the GSM model it has a Micro-SIM card tray opening on the right antenna band. If the band is smooth, you’ve got the unaffected CDMA model.

Download the older build of iOS 5.1.1 from Apple’s servers. [Direct Link]

Did Apple’s update affect your phone? Let us know in the comments sections below.

Update #1: Absinthe Update To Support iOS 5.1.1b (Build 9B208) For iPhone 4 GSM, Says BigBoss

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  • Gunzz99

    ok so your saying not to download the 9b208 verison of the 5.1.1 ..?
    and snowbreeze 2.9.4 jailbreaks only the 9b206 and not 9b208…?

  • http://Michaelschnier.tumblr.com Michael Schnier

    9B208 is not currently supported by Pod2g’s payload. Any jailbreak tools that relied on Pod2g’s solution will not work with 9B208 until he releases a fix. That includes the current version of snowbreeze.

  • http://Michaelschnier.tumblr.com Michael Schnier

    Correction: the jailbreak may work, but Pod2g’s untether won’t.

  • Joe Mac

    Yes it affected me. I had been waiting for the ability to JB my iPad 2. When it came along I thought “That was easy, I’ll do my iPhone 4 at the same time! The instructions say it’s compatible”

    Now I’ve got an iPhone 4 with 5.1.1/9B208 and I’m stuck.  :o( 

  • Ribkacaroline

    me either. so what is the best way you reccomend us to do? just restore our phone again? could we JB our iphone4 or just waiting till the jb version for us come??

  • Mad24942

    How annoying!!! Just spent like 2 hours downloading the 5.1.1 from Apple, just to find that it makes my iP4 “not supported”

    ARGHHHHH!!! Downloading the old 5.1.1 now…  So many people are going to be very frustrated with this haha.

  • lolipop17

    OMG i cant even downgrade to (9B206) because i receive an error 3014  , someone help? 

  • Aqeel741shah

    hello everyone I had the same problem, I updated my iphone and found that it was on 5.1.1 9b208, which was not supported by any of the jailbreaken devices. You can solve this issue. just plug your device with itunes, make sure you have the 5.1.1 9b206 firmware saved. just upgrade from itunes, but before clicking upgrade hold shift, a new window will appear, just choose the 5.1.1 9b206 firmware. enjoy!


    RESTORE TO 206 :) I JUST DO IT.. ;)

  • Crizzo

    I just jailbroke  my iphone 4 with 208 0n it. i used redsn0w and chose custom ios 206. that installed cydia tether, then i booted tethered with a 5.1 and got cydia working but cant get rocky raccoon to install. hope this helps someone.

  • Greg

    do you have the url to download it ?

  • Babyf

    it totally affected my phone.  I had updated to the 5.1.1, then jailbroke it, but some stuff wasn’t working so I restored and then couldn’t jailbreak anymore.  I had updated to the new 5.1.1.  so annoying.

  • Keith Shields

    this build is not showing up in my iPhone 4 iOS 5.1.1 9b206 is , but cydia has the shsh blobs showing as well as tiny umbrella. What does this mean??

  • Jigneshsanghvi99

    i m using iphone version 4.3.2. Should i upgrade my iphone to version 5.1.1. which software is better 9B206 or 9B208. I also would like  to jailbreak my iphone after upgradation. Will this upgradation affect my phone speed?….plz someone help……..nd FAST……

  • bluehaze

    just make sure you saved your shsh blobs on the older ios version.  then stitch with redsnow and you will be alright to restore.

  • Bluehaze

    Specific ios is the 5.1.1 (9B206). Stitch and restore using itunes and you are done.  It seems that Apple is not signing the older version.

  • Alexbitoss

     9B208 iOS 5.1.1 For Gsm iphone 4 is working perfect with snowbreeze 2.9.5 !!!Snowbreeze 2.9.5 Hactivate the ios and also is working gevey ultra sim… thnks Jailbreak Team!!! :) :) :)

  • Tinkolatt

    After I updated to the 5.1.1 (9B208), when I answer a call, I only can hear the caller’s voice but he can’t hear my voice. I thought there was the hardware problem, but I still can record sound.

  • Jooda Groova

    i made a custom FM with PwnageTool for 9B208 and i got No Service problem…
    i’m trying now to build a custom 9B206 and i’ll check if my phone will work or not.

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  • Reve Valace

    my ipod touch 4g 5.1.1 9b206 will not jailbreak