iFixit Shares Two Retina Quality iPhone 5 Internal Wallpapers Giving You X-Ray Vision

iFixit recently tore down the iPhone 5 to reveal its internal components and they concluded Apple’s iPhone 5 is actually the easiest iPhone to repair. In this teardown it was discovered the A6 processor is indeed not a standard ARM architecture CPU design, the 1GB of RAM is made by Elpida, and storage is compliments of Hynix.

If you saw these teardown photos then you probably realized Apple not only makes their products looking amazing on the outside, but on the inside as well. As such, iFixit has created two different wallpapers that will give you X-Ray vision into your iPhone 5’s internals. These wallpapers will essentially represent what your iPhone 5 would look like if the LCD was invisible.

iPhone 5 X-Ray Wallpaper

The first wallpaper variation that you can see above is a “true-to-scale” image of the iPhone 5 internals. The second variation is a slightly zoomed out photo that allows you to see the perimeter of the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 X-Ray Wallpaper
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