iCam Concept For Killer Photo Taking On The iPhone 5

No, it isn’t a typo, I said iPhone 5. While we are still talking about the Apple iPhone 4S, the people over at ADR Studies have come up with a sweet concept design for an attachment to the unreleased iPhone to take great photos. While we are sure that the iPhone 5 will be a redesigned phone, the specifics are far from concrete. But for all those who have read the official “Steve Jobs” biography by Walter Isaacson (You can buy it here or here), you will know that Steve Jobs wanted to reinvent three key industies: television, textbooks and photography. While we know he has done some of a change to the way we purchase and use textbooks with iBooks, the photography and television industries haven’t seen that much of a change.

We do love using our iPhones to take pictures that is no question, but iCam’s design takes it to an entire different level.This would turn your iPhone into a fully enabled point-and-shoot camera. Their attachment includes a 10.1 megapixel sensor, an ISO range from 100 to 3200, and full HD at 60fps. Some point-and-shoots on the market right now don’t even have specifications like that! The design also includes an aluminium unibody (naturally has to look clean like the iPhone 5), interchangeable lenses, touch-screen on the front, LED flash, pico-projector, motion sensor, bluetooth and SD UHS-i slot.

An accessory like this obviously would come with a hefty price tag, but would it interest you? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • http://twitter.com/BlendedMalts Alvin

    Yes I will be very interested in this.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty stupid IMO. One of the greatest things about the iPhone camera is convenience to carry it. Its always in your pocket, who is gonna fit this in their pocket? For the added bulk and care you are going to have to take to bring this with you you might as well bring a real camera, will most likely be cheaper as well.

    Maybe I’m just missing the point. The stats of the attachment sound like all the components of a real camera – touch screen, sd slot, interchangeable lenses, nice sensor, etc…so whats different between this and a real camera? Kind of handicap that it has all that and you have to supply an iPhone just for the brains. Now if these features were built into the phone itself then I’d be interested, and that feasible. You know apple would leave out the SD, but having compatibility to attach leneses on the back of the next iphone would be HUGE. That way if you need them, you can bring them, if not, the stock flat back attachment is still good as long as a they had a nice big sensor in there.

  • Nurlip

    i would be interested but the ‘hefty price tag’ you mentioned would undo that interest.  i would pay about $150 for the base unit there.  it better not have a projector like other mockups have shown, that would be a battery drain and useless since i can use AirPlay to put the pictures on a big screen.  even the front side view screen is useless.  they need to realize that people who want an amazing camera are going to buy those that cost anywhere from $500 and up and will not trust their iphone to be part of that camera (so they won’t buy this product).  The market for this is the amateur photographer who won’t spend the $300+ to get an amazing camera.. 

  • Bleumadame


  • Aordy

    How much icam ?

  • Rayllc9

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