Samsung Demo For The Galaxy S III’s “S Voice ” Feature Requires More Steps Than The iPhone 4S’ Siri

Let’s see if you can spot the difference: On the iPhone 4S, someone asks Siri to “wake me up in one hour,” and Siri works out the time to set the alarm, interpreting the natural language keywords “wake me up” as “set an alarm.” For Samsung’s Galaxy S III’s S Voice feature, the user seems to be specifying simpler keywords: “Set alarm.” What time? “9:00am.”

Comparison photo from @ReagentX, taken from screen captures of Samsung’s Galaxy S III site and Apple’s Siri demonstration page.

What’s novel about Siri isn’t the fact that “she” can accept voice input—computers have been doing that for years. Siri is special because the software can extract and interpret commands from quasi-conversational phrases like “Tell me if it will be sunny this weekend in Miami.” If S Voice can’t do the interpretation, the anyone using the service will have to keep the compatible keywords in mind. While commands might sound faster on paper, it’s a lot easier to tell Siri what you want in one shot then to spend a few extra seconds fiddling with verbal commands.

Siri also remembers context. On Siri’s product page, Apple demonstrates this with the question “Any good burger joints around here?” and Siri will reply with, ““I found a number of burger restaurants near you.” You can then ask “Hmm. How about tacos?” and Siri will remember the previous restaurant search and pull up Mexican restaurants. The benefit of this is you don’t have to input the command to search for restaurants again.

This is the bar that Siri has set. If S Voice has these capabilities, why isn’t Samsung showing it off?

Photo from Peter Bright of Ars Technica, demonstrating the Galaxy S III’s hit and miss voice interpretation

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  • SamsungAppleFan

    Nice!  although that probably won’t stop Samsung from getting another phone of the year award.  I know a good phone when I see one and this is a damn good phone.

    Though if this things comes equipped with the S4 chip, I seriously will consider not purchasing one.  I’d wait and see what the iPhone 5 has to offer but I can’t stand using iOS for my phone when Android does so much more easier when it comes to phones.  

    If the iPhone used Android that would be a match made in heaven.  As for now, iOS on my ipad is enough iOS for me.  

  • Uchiha Itachi

    Samsung is torturing me, Just take my money already!!!

  • billy

    samsung cant even make a better voice than an almost 1 year old phone (4s), was ready to buy 1 as my 2nd phone, but now i see that it also so fugly, i rather get htc one x.

  • konphidential

    Don’t believe everything you read. There is a video out there on Youtube of a Journalist speaking to galaxy in a more natural manor as you would with Siri, and the phone responds as an assistant would to a ramdom Riddle.  Given that all the vid’s we’ve seen are not necessarily production models, I think we should reserve criticism.   

  • billy

     well, i believe in everything i see. htc one x design is way better than that toy plastic looks on SGS3

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  • BethAnn

    I love my samsung galaxy it by far is my favorite of all phones ive owned (and ive owned alot of phones) i love love the look and the feel and all the features i would def recommend!!