Forget The Dog Ate My Homework, The Dog Ate My iPhone 5 [PICTURE]

The one excuse that we have all heard once in our lifetime is that “the dog ate my homework.” What I don’t think you expected to hear in your lifetime however, was that “the dog at my iPhone.”

By the looks of this viral picture from Imgur this is indeed what looks like happened. Now, why someone would just deliver an iPhone and leave the box on someones doorstep/driveway is beyond me, but I bet the individual who took the picture must of been surprised as well (to sat the least).

The Dog Ate My iPhone

Maybe the dog was just trying to save his owner from getting horribly lost by following Apple’s new iOS 6 maps. Or maybe he didn’t want his owner to have to be forced to hold his iPhone a certain way to take photos. Whatever the reason, who could stay mad at such a cute dog?

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  • Billy Graham

    just sell the dog and buy the new iPhone5