Cydia App: mDataToggle for SBSettings – Disable Cellular Data

mDataToggle is a new tweak developed by Yllier that Enables or Disables cellular data through SBSettings. The toggle uses the same functionality iOS uses in it’s When enabled, the 3G/Edge symbol in the status bar is removed, so you’re aware of the current status.

mDataToggle is available in Cydia via BigBoss repository for free.

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  • Yuop1

    So where the hell is that mDataToggle in Cydia?
    I sure can't find it anywhere and i have searched all repositories several times over!

  • Dusty

    It appears to be pulled from Cydia. You can either contact BigBoss or try alternatives like Edge Toggle. I'll be posting a new post about the numerous toggles available in Cydia. Keep checking back ;)