According To Consumer Reports Mag, The iPhone 5 Isn’t A Good Phone To Buy

I reckon you do not read this if you’re planning to buy an iPhone 5, because if you are, you’ll end up buying the iPhone 5 anyway. Jokes aside, Consumer Reports has posted the list of Top Smartphones to own and has rated the iPhone 5 as the worst.

This is not a surprise, because the folks at Consumer Reports don’t seem to like the iPhone. They bashed the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S and now the 5. Apple’s iPhone 5 is awesome, but not everyone is happy with it. It had a lot of issues and still does, especially the Purple haze and scuffgate. Also, the iPhone 5 is so light that some people have it actually feels like a cheap plastic Android phone. Regardless, Apple still managed to sell plenty of iPhone 5’s.

Consumer Reports Slates The iPhone 5 As Not A Good Buy

According to the CR Lab Test, the iPhone 5 is the worst smartphone to buy and is rated below Android counterparts. Phones such as the LG Optimus G, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Droid Razr Maxx, Droid Razr HD have received higher ratings. Business Insider has a photo clipping that shows the test results.

consumer reports-iphone5

There’s no explanation as to why the iPhone 5 has received such low ratings. The latest issue of Consumer Reports is supposed to hit newstands next month, and that’s when we’ll find out the reasons.

The iPhone is Apple’s gold mine and is one of the biggest reasons that the company is so popular, big and rich. It is one of the best innovations of Apple, which gives billions of dollars of profit for the company. We are not sure why Consumer Reports hates the iPhone. Since the passing of Steve Jobs, people think that Apple has reached a point of saturation. Do you think so? Now you can continue buying that iPhone 5, because it is the best smartphone on the planet. 

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  • Not_A_H4cker

    People dont buy iphones if they are good/bad, they buy them to fit in. Haha.

    Sources: I have an iPhone

  • Yolo

    Whoever wrote this article sorry to say but you are stupid and probably dumb too. The photo clipping clearly shows that it is not a comparison of smart phone but what the best plan to get under which provider with the combination of phone price and provider quality. I might be wrong on the exact comparison but this is definitely not a comparison of just smartphones. Look at the the LG Optimus under AT&T and Sprint why different score? If this was a smartphone comparison they should have both the same score.

  • americ1986

    Well pointed.

  • DUMB Yolo

    dont stupid and dumb basically mean the same your dumb yolo

  • 1

    to the author….

  • NCWLucas

    Maybe, just maybe, it’s because with each iteration of the iPhone Apple add the slightest change and market it is ‘the biggest thing to happen since iPhone’ whereas in reality it’s a way to get dumb ass hipsters to give you another £500!

  • iPhone4SGuy

    For iJailbreak this is a dissapointing article. Not at one point does it COMPARE the iPhone, it simply says which is the cheapest to get on which plan. That is all!!

    I’m really dissapointed as most of the time iJailbreak’s articles are GREAT, but this let me down :(