ComScore Releases Canadian Smartphone Stats: Samsung And Android The Big Winners

Mobile statistics company ComScore took the opportunity yesterday to present all sorts of number about the Canadian mobile market, including manufacturer market share, OS market share, and smartphone adoption rates. MobileSyrup was on the scene to catch all the data in projector slide form. Most of it will probably show up online from ComScore directly eventually, but for now, here’s what they showed off in their PowerPoint presentation.

First up, market shares: as far as OSs go, Android has taken the lead with 34% of the market, an enormous growth from just 19% last year. iOS took second place with 32%, which is pretty much where they were at last year. In third place – and falling rapidly – is RIM’s BlackBerry OS, which has dropped from 38% down to just 27%.

ComScore Canadian Smartphone Stats: Samsung/Android Winners

On the manufacturer side of things, Samsung is leading the pack, with 25% of all Canadian mobile phone users sporting a Samsung device. Apple and LG tie for second place at 17% apiece, and RIM and Nokia come in at 14% and 10% respectively. Of all the Android that make up that 34% market share, Samsung makes 45% of them. Curiously, only 7% of Canadian Androids are on Ice Cream Sandwhich; this is partly because lots of entry level phones won’t ever support anything past Android 2.3, and partly because Canadian carriers have been slow to push the OS updates.

ComScore Canadian Smartphone Stats: Samsung/Android Winners

Despite Samsung taking the lion’s share of the market, the single most ubiquitous device across all Canadian carriers is the iPhone 4 16GB version. There’s a host of other stats included in the slides, too, device satisfaction ratings and total units sold per carrier. You can check all those out over at MobileSyrup’s full gallery.

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