Next Generarion iPhone To Feature Broadcom BCM4334 Chip To Support iOS AirDrop Functionality [Rumor]

Apparently 9to5mac has gotten their hands on a prototype version of the iOS 6 firmware and as such they have discovered some of the new chips going inside the “iPhone 5″ thanks to various strings. One of these chips is the Broadcom BCM4334 (Wi-Fi), which is similar to the BCM4330 chip found within the new iPad and iPhone 4S. The only difference between the two is that the BCM4334 chip has a more efficient 40nm process as explained by AnandTech:

Broadcom BCM4334 CM4334 which is the follow-up part to BCM4330 that we’ve seen in a bunch of devices. BCM4334 changes from a 65nm process to 40nm LP, which itself offers a power profile reduction. The change isn’t a simple die shrink either, Broadcom says it has worked on and refined the existing BCM4330 design and reduced power a further 40-50% and dramatically reduced standby power by 3 orders of magnitude.

With nearly half of the power drainage in this new Wi-Fi chip this would give Apple the ability to add a bigger screen and 4G LTE connectivity to the next generation iPhone. And even if Apple doesn’t go the route of adding a bigger screen or 4G LTE connectivity the fruit company could reduce the width of the iPhone with a thinner battery.

iOS Airdrop functionality

One other interesting feature of this new Wi-Fi chip is that it has dual-band Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct support. The reason this is interesting is because Apple requires dual-band Wi-Fi cards when deciding which Macs get to use AirDrop. Meaning if the next generation iPhone indeed does feature the BCM4334 chip it would be the first iOS device to be in compatibility with Apple’s standards for AirDrop. Thus, it is safe to say we could see AirDrop functionality coming to the iOS 6 firmware.

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  • Bill

    Or, they could leave the screen size and battery size alone and we’d have more battery life.  That’s never a bad thing.

  • Musicrules

    they should put siri on ipad and ipod