Apple’s Lawsuit Against Samsung Explained In Only Three Images

The Apple vs Samsung trial is in full swing and is probably one of the biggest lawsuits the tech industry has ever seen. To people who don’t know what or why are the two companies in court for, the following images via AllThingsD should explain the scenario.

Apple's Lawsuit Against Samsung In Three Images

It all started when Apple sued Samsung for blatantly copying their iPhone design on one of their products, the Galaxy S. One can clearly see the similarities in design between the original iPhone and the Galaxy S and that’s what Apple is trying to prove in the court.

Apple's Lawsuit Against Samsung In Three Images

All the images above were submitted during the trial and made available for the public to see. The images clearly show that Samsung did not really have any touchscreen phones before the launch of the iPhone. As soon as the iPhone was released in January 2007, Samsung phones started to take a different form and have been the same ever since. It’s not only the iPhone, but Samsung even copied the iPads design for their Galaxy Tab. Look at the image below.

Apple's Lawsuit Against Samsung In Three Images

Don’t these images prove that Apple is right in suing Samsung? We’ve already showed you a similar image before, which also shows how Samsung’s devices changed after the introduction of the iPhone. A quick glance at the iPhone and iPad timeline above, rests Apple’s case against Samsung. What do you think? Share your responses in the comments section.

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  • ChristianKasius

    Enough said. Samsung copied the iPhone exactly. I’m on Apple’s side on this one. Samsung deserves the punishment that they can’t be allowed to sell the Galaxy phones anymore.

  • Dylan

    Why does apple have the right to do this. I think Alexander Graham Bell should sue apple for using the idea the phone. Even if they do stop the sales of some samsung products, doesnt mean im going to switch to the grey ui they call the iphone.

  • stephan!

    I hope apple win this! :D

  • Jose Estrada Vidana

    I Think Apple Is Just Doing This Because Samsung Is Clearly Throwing Better Things Out There Than Apple. But All Samsung Is Doing Is It Gets Just A Little Bit Of Something From Apple And Making It Into Something Way More Different And Better Like With Google S. Besides Apple Has Ripped Something Off Android Devices Which Is The Notification Bar, So From This You Can Clearly See Im On Samsung`s Side Here

  • Remy Basi

    I really hope Samsung wins this.

  • Budi

    i hope so :D

  • Emcee

    Sick of this Bullsh*t.

  • lohith

    i’m with you bro ! i want samsung to go home ! Ass Holes !i hate em like crazy !

  • lohith

    your face! nothing can beat apple !

  • Parth Mehta

    Samsung don’t deserve to sell their cell phones
    iPhone and apple always roxxxx to the core

  • Emmanuel Hurst

    Its called competition. Apple is upset that Samsung has improved on their model and has prevented Apple from holding the lions share of the smartphone market. Apple may have one leg to stand on with the design characteristics but that’s it. I’m a proud iPhone 4 j/b owner but I really hope that Samsung wins this one.

  • Jonah

    I agree. Samsung can’t get away with copying apple any more.

  • iPhone4SGuy

    Apple are likely to win this one.

  • sav

    Lol apple is shit. Why would you want a phone that isn’t functional like an Android based phone? Or you one of those old people who say “they are easy to use”. lack of ability tends to do that. As for apple I don’t know how the hell they think the galaxy tab2 is similar to an lpad. Only thing similar is the shape. But then who owns the patent to an oblong?

  • come on…

    Come on… do you really think 1) Apple owns/invented black rectangle with rounded edges (which is what their “design patent” basically says), and 2) that Apple is the first manufacturer to apply black rectangle to a phone? Do people even realize that Apple is suing Samsung for precisely that — usage of their rectangular shape with rounded corners? This along with usage of black boxes for packaging, and swipe/pinch motion — all of which Apple claims is their invention?

    Apple is intentionally not showing the complete portfolio of previous Samsung products (I know, shocking). Before there was the iPhone, Samsung and plenty of other phone manufacturers had designs that look like the iPhone, so who copied whom? Look at Samsung’s submitted evidence, and it’s pretty clear Apple doesn’t have a case. What shape is best to fit a rectangular LCD display (they all are in this shape) into a phone? Does it take an Apple “Genius” to figure that out?

    Apple would have us believe they “think different” — they’d have us believe Apple invented “retina display” (sorry, but LG did). They’d have us believe they had invented a rectangular touch screen device & interface (been around for decades before the iDevices). Move on, Apple…

    Remember Apple is the company that sued for the use of the letter “i” — they claimed they owned the use of the letter. The same company also had sued the city of New York for the use of a generic apple logo for the “Big Apple Festival” — claimed it diminished their market appeal and confused people. Now they think they own the black rectangle… Geez….

  • bloomberg

    best thing will be judge scrap this absurd lawsuit and let market forces give best judgement

  • Tech

    I don’t think anybody can own a rectangular device with curved edges patent. Apple is only doing this because they know that Android is going to cripple them with all the variety and the pricerange possible.

    Samsung is their biggest competitor and hence it gets the most heat.

  • martin

    No, it is not called competition! It is called “rip-off ” in English. Samsung had years and years time to come with sPhone and sPad (s as Samsung) They did nothing or they had their projects in safes. It is the same as a car company would start with production of exact copy of Porsche.

  • Nabil Jaser

    Ummmmm…asides from the obvious fact that you don’t know shit about the history of smartphones and tablets its also obvious you’re the typical generic iSheep who reads one article and believes it cold-heartedly. Lemme try and dumb this down a little so that you can get your head out of Apple’s ass.
    1. Smartphones existed before the iPhone.
    2. An icon filled UI existed before the iPhone.
    3. Rectangular phones and tablets existed before the iPhone and iPad. Including ones with rounded corners since its an obvious and simple design idea.
    4. The iPad IS NOT the first tablet. In fact Samsung created a tablet back in 2006 which the ipads look EXACTLY the same. Its a sheet of fuckin glass u morons how else would you design it? Maybe a triangle or circular tablet with white borders and very sharp edges cuz that makes more sense.
    5. Touch screens existed decades before the iPhone.
    6. Your beloved iPhone and iPad is FULL of parts made by LG, Samsung, Sony, Sharp, etc. So you should be thanking them for making such technologies available to iSheeps like u.
    7. If you honestly think that Samsung devices look like iDevices then you are blind and an idiot. But then again you’re an iSheep so it comes with the territory. You should see them in real life instead of the photoshopped ones Apple tried to show off in European courts and got fucked up the ass for lying about. The Samsung devices look nothing like an iDevice. You obviously know nothing about Android and its UI.
    8. More to list but you still won’t understand cuz you’ve been so brainwashed by Apple that you won’t believe the truth when it hits you in the face. Enjoy your inferior iDevice while it lasts. This isn’t the first Time Apple tried suing the competition instead of beating it in the free market. Look what happened to Apple before…history always repeats itself.

  • Nabil Jaser

    I couldn’t agree more. I don’t like iDevices but that’s only cuz they’re not for me. Android gives me everything iOS can but MORE. Not to mention the plethora of android devices to choose from. I don’t want any of them to win cuz we need more choices. That’s why I love WP coming into the market cuz it’ll make it more challenging for developers to come up with newer ideas that will outshine the competition. I hate this lawsuit cuz Apple is trying to monopolize this market because they can’t handle competition. Anyone who thinks Apple is only against Samsung is an idiot. They’ve gotten injunctions against HTC before for the same stupid patents. They’re trying to destroy Android but they’re not gonna win. Android is everywhere and in every part of the world. I hope judge Lucy Koh fucks off and we get in a real educated judge who knows what the fuck he/she is doing. Its so obvious that this bitch Koh is paid up the ass by Apple. Just like all of Apple’s witnesses lol.
    Point is this. If Apple wins WE ALL LOSE!

  • Samsung lover

    samsung ~ bitch pls~

  • Poppy

    I think competition is out of the question here since as you can see samsung cant compete without copying apples design and features. Competition is considered when samsung competes with apple using their smartphones before the iphone was released. Copying is different from compition, copying is stealing and should be punished by law, unless you consider stealing as lawful.

  • Poppy

    Just right! People who say shit to apple just dont know how to appreciate originality, maybe they want copied items! Apple the best! And to fandroids their? Please explain to me why samsung is better when it keeps on crashings and stuck up after opening a 3d game?! Ios doest for your info!