Watch Apple’s New TV Ad For iPhone 5c And iOS 7 Titled ‘Designed Together’ [VIDEO]

Now that iOS 7 is out and so are both the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, Apple decided to make an ad that features both. Well, this new TV ad titled ‘Designed Together’ is just for the iPhone 5c, but it shows how iOS 7 feels like home on the colored handset.


Again, Apple has chosen to go with the no-narration-only-music theme for this new ad. It’s basically about how the iPhone 5c was designed by keeping iOS 7 elements such as colors, hue etc in mind. This is a very colorful ad and you’ll see all of the different colored iPhone 5c’s morphing from iOS 7 elements such as icons, clock and gallery. The ad also has a very fun tune to it, check it out after the break:

Another awesome ad by Apple, similar to the recently released Plastic Perfected ad. This ad will definitely make some customers get the iPhone 5c or at least go to the supermarket and buy Skittles.

What do you think of this one? Have you ordered your iPhone 5c yet?

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