Apple Could Unveil The iPhone 5S And Low-Cost iPhone At WWDC 2013

Just as we heard that Apple could be looking into a plastic chassis for the proposed cheaper entry-level iPhone, which will launch sometime in 2013, Jefferies analyst Peter Misek said in a note to investors this week that two future iPhone prototypes are currently in the testing phases. The two future iPhone prototypes being the iPone 5S and Apple’s low-cost iPhone.

Apparently both handsets could be released as early as June/July, which could mean at WWDC 2013. Getting ahead of ourselves here, while Misek thinks the iPhone 5S will be an incremental update, he predicts that the iPhone 6 could feature an even larger 4.8-inch display. As for the low-cost iPhone that is expected to launch alongside the iPhone 5S, it will likely contain a polycarbonate case with a 4″ non-Retina display and no LTE connectivity.


The eventual evolution of the iPhone…

Yesterday we told you that a report from The Wall Street Journal came in that Apple have cut its component orders for the iPhone 5 in half! A lot of people jumped to conclusions that this meant the demand for the iPhone 5 was weak and that it was the end of Apple (okay, I exaggerated the last point). Misek believes however, that this cut in orders is not related to a reduced demand for the handset, rather:

  • An assembly bottleneck that caused component inventories to rise in the holiday quarter.
  • Planning for preliminary production of the next iPhone in March.
  • Demand may be either in line or “slightly below optimistic expectations,” Misek believes.

With so much talk of a low-cost iPhone and the iPhone 5S, it is indeed likely we will see the fruit company announce the products sometime in mid 2013.

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