Apple’s New iPhone 5s TV Ad ‘Parenthood’ Is For The Parents [VIDEO]

Apple has posted a new iPhone 5s commercial on their YouTube channel. This new TV ad is titled ‘Parenthood’ and is all about how parents use their iPhone 5s to get things done, look after their kids, teach their kids and more.


The ad follows Apple’s recent use of the tagline “You’re more powerful than you think” and as usual, there are apps such as DRAWNIMAL, MyTeeth and Withings WithBaby that are shown in the video. In the background, you’ll hear “Life of Dreams” by Julie Doiron, a song that goes well with this ad. 

Apple has previously released similar themed ads namely ‘Powerful‘ and ‘Strength‘. These ads all carry the tagline “You’re more powerful than you think” and a page on the Apple website shows you what apps were used in the ads. Check out the video below:

Are you a parent? Do you use any of the apps that were shown in the video?

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