Apple’s Next iPhone May Have HD Front Camera [Rumor]

Have you ever tried to take a self-portrait with the iPhone 4S’ front camera, only to give up because the image quality isn’t that good? The back camera might be stellar, but you can’t compose a good shot when the screen is pointed away from you. According to Apple Insider, by way of an industry analyst at KGI Research, Apple will be releasing a front facing HD camera in the next iPhone.

A more powerful front camera would improve vanity shots and FaceTime chats

The rumor seems consistent with the recently leaked iPhone panels. The front-facing camera would be moved to the middle, as opposed to the left of the iPhone’s ear piece, and would better suit the next iPhone’s 4-inch screen. You wouldn’t want to see VGA stretched out to 16:9 on a 4 inch Retina display.

From Apple Insider, a generational comparison of the iPhone's front and rear cameras.

Would you prefer a more powerful front camera on your phone? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Rob Johnson☺

    About time!

  • Vieui

    Finally, theyre already left behind.