Apple Airs Two New Commercials For The iPhone 5 Showing Off Photo Streams And Noise Cancellation Technology

The iPhone 5 is an extraordinary smartphone. It attracted some great reviews and broke sales records for Apple. The iPhone 5 wasn’t the only new product Apple introduced this year, the fruit company revealed the iPad Mini and a breathtaking update to the iMac. With all of these new products in Apple’s pipeline, it is no question that the company plans to have an impressive first quarter next year; fuelled by the Holiday season. In fact, in Apple’s last financial results it was predicted that the company would make a revenue of about $52 billion.

To help increase sales of the iPhone 5 this holiday sale Apple has begun airing two new commercials called Turkey and Orchestra. Both commercials show off some of the iPhone 5’s new functionality like its noise cancellation technology that deadens background sounds during a call. The first commercial shown below however, goes over how the iPhone 5 (along with the iOS 6 firmware) makes sharing photos a breeze.

Video Removed

With PhotoStream you can share photos with just the people you want… in fact you could say sharing photos on the iPhone 5 is as easy as pie (cheesy I know). The next commercial titled Orchestra, as previously mentioned, is a little less cheesy and showcases the iPhone 5’s nose cancellation abilities that I must say are quite impressive.

As you have probably already grasped, Apple has dropped its previous celebrity approach to its ads, and is again going for more the approach of showing off the actual features of its devices. Personally I prefer commercials like these to its previous ones, but I do admit it was nice that Apple took a break and did some more entertaining ads.

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