Study Shows Android And BlackBerry Phones Lose Resale Value Faster Than iPhone

According to a new study performed by Priceonomics, Android phones lose their resale value faster than the iPhone. To an iPhone user, this shouldn’t come as a shock. If you buy an iPhone today, you can sell the same iPhone for hardly any loss after say 6-7 months. Instead, an Android phone will lose almost half its value in the same amount of time.

Apple’s iPhone is known for its super quality and customer satisfaction, and that is one key feature that helps it retain its value for a longer time than Android devices. The study shows, that a 1 and a half year old iPhone managed to get 53 percent of its total value upon resale. Many other factors such as brand value, technical support, 5 models to choose from and latest updates also help the iPhone in retaining much of its value.

After using your iPhone for 18 months, it still retains 53% versus 42% for Android, and 41% for BlackBerry. That’s $312 of cash value if you resell your old iPhone on eBay or Craigslist.

iPhones have a reputation for being premium products, while Androids have a more democratic marketing angle (BlackBerry’s consumer marketing angle appears to be indecipherable).

If you take an Android phone into consideration, they come in different sizes, names, brands and what not. That is one major problem for consumers. It’s not easy to choose a good phone from hundreds, whereas it’s much easier if you have only 5 to select from! Due to all those reasons, Android phones tend to depreciate in value faster than the iPhone.

To read the complete report and learn more, visit this link. Don’t you think this is true? Let us know in the comments.

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